Why you should pay a visit to Camden town

18 November 2014
Camden lock
For people who love bits and bobs, this market is paradise. The sellers are so laid back, they keep yelling things to each other in the tightly packed market area. You can easily find anything from clothes to accessories and miscellaneous little objects. Especially a lot of punks and hippies seem to be around, which I also find pretty awesome. Well, these places can be packed with tourists, but I saw more alternative people here than anywhere else in London. Don't you just love these kinds of places?

The streets
Especially if you're into all the alternative stuff, Camden is the place for you. Even if you aren't, it can still be the place for you! These buildings are startling with their pretty little underground clothes, outside decoration and all. On this street you can purchase a pair of Dr. Martens or take a cool tattoo, If that's what you want, of course.

The weirdest shop you'll come across: Cyberdog
Weird-ass techno music blaring out, pole dancers close to the ceiling and neon colours distracting you from each and every corner. That's right, you've just stepped in to Cyberdog. I'm guessing the mainstream doesn't buy much anything here, but this shop's sure worth a visit. And hey, you could still find the weirdest souvenirs over here! Pink plastic dreadlocks with matching tutus, anyone?

The international vibes
My mum had Chinese food and I bought a few slices of Italian pizza. There was surely something for everyone; I probably didn't even see every stall selling food. And once you've bought your snacks, you can go enjoy them on scooters by the river.

//Tomorrow it will be the beginning of my exam week (again, ughh) and after that we'll be off to New York City. What that means is that I have a lot to do during these 10 days! Oh well, it's good to keep yourself active.

Visiting Tallinn on a budget

13 November 2014
Getting to Tallinn
I know a lot of you followers behind the screens are Finns, so you've probably been to Tallinn already and know how all the ferries. I noticed that Lindaline is currently the cheapest ferry if you're looking for a transport to the other side of the gulf, not a party yacht. They've also got the shortest travel time by sea! Lindaline is the most reasonable option from Helsinki to Tallinn, if there are no discounts within other companies.

The cheapest flights to Tallinn (within Europe) are operated by Ryanair. They fly from Oslo, Dublin, Manchester, London, Bremen, Dusseldorf and Milan.

If you're coming from Russia, you'll might want to choose the train. At least Moscow and St. Petersburg have fairly quick connections to Tallinn.

Why dishing out your phone number to anyone is not a good idea

10 November 2014
There comes a time when you think it's OK to give your telephone number to a stranger you just met a few hours ago. What bad could possibly happen? Then comes a time when you realize what a huge, irreversible mistake you have just made.

Secret underground tunnels in Tallinn

07 November 2014
Before we left for Tallinn I decided that I definitely want to see Patarei prison, which is full of information about the horrible conditions prisoners were kept in and the executions - pretty sick, right?- and the secret tunnels of Kiek in de Kök. Because both attractions needed groups consisting of at least 5 people, we couldn't go to the prison. But I was fine with it, because it meant we would have plenty of time to see these supercool tunnels instead.

Plans for New York City

19 October 2014
Hey guys! Sorry for the massive break in my blog posts. It feels as if during summer I was blogging every other day and now the pace is more like every other month. But no worries, I will get a grip of myself, since there are no matriculation exams or other stressful factors in my life, and continue this happy blogging.

I have been excited and looking forward to our trip to New York, which will be my first trip ever to America. Since I don't know when or whether I'll be returning to New York, I decided to listen to my father's advice and plan a little what I'll want to see and do. We are staying for a week, so we'll have to see what we have time to do, of course.

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